What can we tell you about Ireland that you don’t already know? That it is unique, that its landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful, that its people are warm and friendly, that it is the ideal place for a holiday with complete freedom with a stunning backdrop?

Well, we can tell you plenty about Mayo, a county in the west of the island also known as Ireland’s “Wild West”.

Of course, Mayo remains off the beaten tourist tracks and relatively few visitors have wandered into its heartland, or if they do it is often for a quick stopover.

And yet, it is one of Ireland’s most magnificent spots, and nothing compares to its “hilltops”, the many lakes that dotted across the county, its rough-hewn coastline, white sandy beaches and bog landscapes (unique in Europe) that stretch as far as the eye can see.

What’s more, it is in County Mayo that we have set down roots over the past 29 years. The estate covers 34,000 acres, and we have been organising custom-made holidays for a number of years – our guests enjoy comfortable accommodation in a truly unique setting.